October 24, 2009

I just wanted to throw these pics in a separate post for my own sense of organization.

New chair: IKEA POÄNG
We ended up going with the IKEA POÄNG chair for our ‘reading nook,’ and happily, Patrick has been using it every day. I’m always glad when we actually utilize new purchases like that instead of just kind of looking at them. The white shelf is from the as-is section of IKEA as well (we went in South Florida).

New chair
Herman likes it too.

New chair: IKEA POÄNG
And the rug.

Also from IKEA: A green rug for the dining table. It was kind of a bargain, in that on top of being, like, the cheapest rug available, we had to convince them to let us have the display model since that size was sold out. For now, no new dining table since I didn’t want to spend all that money at once. (That’s right, spread out the spending, it makes all the difference in the end).

Patrick making matzo ball soup
Ingredients for matzo ball soup Patrick was making.

And the much-pictured teeny bouquet from Publix I grabbed on a whim. So cute!

3 Responses to “PS”

  1. Ashley Hietpas Says:

    I’m so jealous that your place is so put together and adorable. My place is an unorganized and unappealing mishmash of possessions.

  2. lavietoni Says:

    I’m still workin’ on it, because there’s a lot of unorganized and unappealing mishmash I don’t take pics of. But thanks! It’s fun for me. Too fun.

  3. jerry Says:

    we really adore your place, if you don’t mind, we appreciate you can share on our website (it’s all for free) we trying to share everyone’s living idea, and help more people to improve their living space. we appreciate any support from you. and sorry if we made any uncomfortableness to you, have a good day.

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