Boat Load

October 24, 2009

I barely have time to post, I am so insanely busy. Here’s a quick update: This morning–a much-appreciated cool gray morning, I might add–I walked to the “Friends of the Library” humongous book sale happening down the street and fought my way through the crowd, leaving with 5 issues of Gourmet, a Gourmet cookbook, an issue of House Beautiful, and two Agatha Christie novels. One takes place at a Halloween party, perfect reading for this week (as if i have time).

Then Patrick and I went to a great thrift store, knowing we’d be in luck since, I swear, hospice-affiliated thrift stores are the best. I don’t know if it’s because hospice clients donate their stuff, or if other types of donations play a big role in the inventory, but I am always in thrifting heaven. Does that come off as kind of insensitive? It isn’t. My heart is always full of affection for the people who come before me in any type of 2nd-hand situation, which is my preference, and all the more so in the hospice thrift stores. It’s gotten to the point where shopping ‘brand new’ often feels sterile and cold to me. I wish everyone did a lot more trading, passing their old things around, embracing items for their previous lives, rather than being creeped out or put off by the idea that something is used. I hate that attitude.

Anyway, here are a few things–I’m considering selling some on Etsy–not included is a fabulous Anthropologie-worthy coat I bought.

Thrifting: Horse portrait


Thrifting: Sconces
(The sconces)

Thrifting: Milk jug

Thrifting: Tray

Thrifting: Tray

Thrifting: Tray

(Already had the bird)


Thrifting: Mustard tin




Thrifting: Basket

The only thing stopping me from selling a bunch of stuff I don’t need is my intimidation of shipping. I have no idea how to go about that process (charging the right amount, doing it in a timely manner, making sure everything is protected, etc). I really want to prove to Patrick that I can do it, since I was *accused* of creating a pile of unnecessary things that sit around in our house indefinitely…

But seriously, how many vintage cheese cutting boards does a girl need?

3 Responses to “Boat Load”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    Regarding shipping: have the individual items weighed and decide if you want to use the USPS for shipping. You can choose delivery confirmation for better tracking and a high “sleep at night” quotient. You can borrow a scale or just invest in one of those smaller scales from Target.

    Once you weigh them, figure out what USPS will ship them for via its Web site, then you can add on your own “service charge” that accounts for driving to the post office and taking the time to actually ship the thing. But once you get it done, everything else is a breeze. lol

    Wow, I’m bored on a Saturday. Apologies. haha. I just closed my Etsy store. Wah waaah. I’m over it. k bye

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Dude, thanks so much. I’ll look at this all more thoroughly when I’m actually about to list stuff. As for your Etsy store, you couldn’t just keep it open and empty in case you felt like giving it another go later?

    Anyway, I was bored on a Saturday too. Blogging. And now I’m wishing I was bored on a Sunday, instead of doing school work :(

  3. Priscilla Says:

    It takes 20 cents to post an item and it expires in 3 months, and it costs 20 more cents to renew it. I never felt my photography was ever compelling enough to make sales and I never had enough time to make things that people would buy steadily and on a regular basis. And I’ve sort of fallen out of love with crocheting. I just ordered a child-sized glockenspiel, so that will be my new muse. Niiiiice.

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