Apartment Therapy

October 12, 2009

Today I entered the Apartment Therapy Color Contest using some of the pictures in my previous post and a couple of new ones (focusing only on the living room, not the dining area or any other part of the house). You could only submit five photos and they discouraged posting close-up, vignette style pictures so that viewers could get a better sense of the space. We still haven’t finished some of the projects we’re working on the but deadline was today. I don’t know yet if it will actually be posted…



I also signed up for some combination of the Fall Cure and the Green Cure, which guide participants through 8 weeks of home improvement projects. We’ll see how that goes…I’d like to think they’ll help me declutter but I’m already slacking, seeing as you’re supposed to buy a book which I have not and probably will not buy.

Anyway, today I got a horrible headache while reading in the library so I printed out the articles I need and came home. I’m planning on reading in the bath with my heated neck pad; hopefully taking my eyes off the computer will help.

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