Change is comin’

October 11, 2009

We still have some new cube shelves and art to put up on the wall, but for now, here’s some of my new stuff in action.

New curtains!

New curtains

By the windows
Herman digs in that plant when it’s on the ground.

By the windows
Overdue library books…from Tampa.

New thrifted basket
Thrifted basket.

Around the house

Soft blanket
Chubby-looking Hermy.

New basket
Nothin’ fancy, but helpful for mail and keys by the front door.

Around the house
More horse head.


Round mirror

Round mirror

Around the house
Ok, first: That table is normally centered under the chandelier, it was moved while Patrick hung the curtains. Second: We’re probably getting a new dining table at IKEA in South Florida next weekend.

Around the house

Need a reading chair here
Lastly, looking for a nice big reading chair for this corner since we moved the dining table. I am holding out for the perfect (cheap) one.

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