A Great Saturday

October 10, 2009

After an insane week, today Patrick and I were able to shift our attention away from school–good thing, or I’d have gone out of my mind. We slept in, took Herman on a nice walk, had coffee and bagels while watching clips from Outfoxed, hit up a garage sale and three thrift stores, and stopped by Target. Since getting home, I’ve been reading a British murder mystery and generally lounging about while Pat has been making music. All in all, the kind of day I’ve needed.

Here are some new things, not including my wonderful curtains and rug which I’ll have pictures of soon. I also bought some fashion accessories like earrings, a purse, a belt, and tights, but I’ll save those for my random Wardrobe Remix-style photos.

Thrifted basket

Thrifted basket
Thrifted basket I’ll use to hold magazines.

Patrick will use these for the sauces he’s always making. I can’t remember the word for little dishes like this. Found at a garage sale.

Thrifted wine stopper

Thrifted wine stopper
I love this wine stopper! Patrick also got this at the garage sale. P for Patrick obviously.

Thrifted tray

Pennsylvania dear :)
Thrifted Pennsylvania dear tray.

New basket
Wire basket.

Lol, a hard to photograph, wonderfully kitsch horse portrait!

Horse trophies
So I couldn’t resist these trophies in honor of the horse head. Maybe I’ll spray paint them or something. I have no idea.

New mirror
Me…but more importantly, our new round mirror. I’ll have photos later to show the placement and everything :)

New horse, bad lighting
Why do I feel no one else will appreciate this the way Patrick and I do?

New horse, bad lighting

Ok, this was a ton of pictures, so I will wait to post the ones I took in Gainesville’s Bed and Breakfast District today. I hear Patrick hanging curtains, think I’ll go help watch.

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