Less than Stellar

September 28, 2009

Just playing around with some ideas…still to come: Possibly a tulip table (or something) to replace the dining table, a chair for a reading nook where we did have the dining room table, a couple o’more rugs to section off the various areas, and of course curtains. I threw a sheet over the table since it’s almost black and the color was distracting me. Now the window area is a little crowded, that green trunk might go elsewhere. You can see the $5 coffee table there too.

Oh yeah, we sold the rocking chair yesterday–to parents of 2-month old twins! So adorable! Despite it’s small size they really liked it for rocking the babies and they plan to reupholster it. I felt bad taking any money from them, just because…I don’t know. They have two new babies! I did knock down the price. I don’t think I’m comfortable selling stuff, I always feel really weird about it. I’m also experiencing a little guilt trip because another girl really wanted the chair; apparently she’s very petite and has a hard time finding chairs that suit her size, so she was excited about this find. Ugh.

Testing out new arrangement

$5 coffee table

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