New Chair

September 27, 2009

So while I’m selling the rocking chair, I found another one that I really like. The cushions will probably eventually either be replaced or recovered, but I don’t hate how they look now either. The person who sold it to us also threw in a coffee table for $5, which we don’t actually need but might find some use for. It’s cute. And only $5 bucks. Okay, I’m turning into one of those people who can’t resist a good deal even if it’s for something I don’t need. Is that what you’re trying to tell me? This is why I want to have a shop some day.

New chair

New chair

New chair

New chair
Do the two busy prints look crazy? I think yes. We’ll probably go more neutral when we recover/replace the cushions.

New chair
This side of the room needs a little more oomph. Curtains will help, but the walls are too barren. I think with the bright blue and all the art in the back, I didn’t want to overwhelm the other walls, but now I realize they lack…what did the designer call it on HGTV? Visual balance. Nothing too crazy, I’m thinking minimal, organic. Or something.


Comfy chair

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