Rock the Boat

September 25, 2009

I’ll say one thing about having such an intense, busy semester: Time flies by. Deadlines arrive faster than I can say “procrastinate.” The good thing about that is that it’ll be winter break before I know it. I’d really like to take a small trip in December, maybe even out of the state. Guess I should start thinking about ideas…

Rocking chair

Rocking chair

Rocking chair

This is the rocking chair I bought on Craigslist. Unfortunately I wasn’t with Patrick when he went to pick it up, so I couldn’t back out of the sale when I realized how smallllll it is. Seriously, it’s child-sized. Which is why I’m hoping to sell it. (Nice lookin’ though, huh?)

2 Responses to “Rock the Boat”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    Oh, man if I had room for it, I’d totally take it. I have a thing for small chairs. lol

  2. lavietoni Says:

    You totally have room for it! Don’t let the pictures full you…it’s only 2 inches tall.

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