I Love Craig

September 25, 2009

Sometimes Craigslist goes through dry spells, especially since I live in Gainesville and not, say, Miami or Orlando. But I’m totally inspired by what’s available right now and wish I could snatch all this stuff up and put some rooms together! Actually, I did send an email inquiring about the floral chair. I love it. And…maybe this table?

Craigslist stuff
White table – $60

Craigslist stuff
Chair – $45
Dresser – $150
Dining table with four chairs AND the following china cabinet – $250

Craigslist stuff
(Said china cabinet)

Craigslist stuff
Green sofa – $20

Craigslist stuff
End table/ night stand – $35

Craigslist stuff
Lamp – $15

Craigslist stuff
Chair – $20

Craigslist stuff
Teak book case – $75

And, ok, I’m cheating – I came across these on the South Florida Craigslist and wanted to include them. Technically we have access to South Florida stuff since Patrick’s family lives there. But we don’t need a sofa. I’m just being hypothetical.

Craigslist stuff
Sofa – $30

Craigslist stuff
Sofa – $60

There ya go. I’m also feelin’ this NYT loft transformation so many other bloggers have been posting.

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  1. […] did a few Craigslist round-ups back in 2009 (here, here, and here) when I was moving to Gainesville. Now that my lease is a few months away from […]

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