Rearranging Furniture

September 23, 2009

Here are some pictures of the first steps I’ve taken toward rearranging the place a bit.

-The dining room chair in the living room is a stand-in for where I’ll put a different, living room-appropriate chair soon.
-I moved the couch forward (and relocated the green floral chair) as some people on Apartment Therapy had recommended a while back. At the time I didn’t see what they were envisioning, but lately I’ve realized that all our furniture was pushed back along the back wall, which was a little weird. I like open space and hopefully this arrangement doesn’t make things feel more cluttered or simply awkward. I want it to be cozier. It’s also nicer to watch tv now that the sofa isn’t so far away from the small television.
-I tried to define the space behind the couch w/ a bookshelf and small table so that it doesn’t feel wasted.
-Also moved in the off-white rug that was under our dining table.
-Need to move those 2 pictures hanging on the wall to another spot now (and maybe put a mirror or something simple there).

I think we’re getting this antique (but modern looking) rocking chair to put by the three windows tomorrow near the plant, so that will be awesome, I’m totally going to read there. I’ll obviously take pictures then. Still planning on putting up curtains soon too!










2 Responses to “Rearranging Furniture”

  1. theblogbloglog Says:

    Your fireplace is too die. I love rearranging my furniture, too. Liking where this is all going…

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks! I love your blog, it’s really inspirational.

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