Thai curry

August 9, 2009

I know I’ve only been posting pictures of food. That’s because I’ve been damn busy doing dull things–but I still have to eat. So food it is.

Thai curry

This was good…but not spicy. I apparently do not know how to make my food hot, whether with chilies, curry pastes, curry powders, or dried/ground spices. Think I’ll do some reading up on the subject. It just occurred to me that maybe I have extremely poor tastebuds.

Haven’t gone to the movies yet. Haven’t had any fun in days. Want to get done with Summer B tonight so tomorrow I can play!

3 Responses to “Thai curry”

  1. belle Says:

    Me and Justin went to Whole Foods Market yesterday and saw this AWESOME indian spice kit. It’s in a metallic box. It’s like… $50. But so awesome. We didn’t buy it. But you should.

  2. Ashley Hietpas Says:

    What kinds of things have you tried?
    Bird’s Eye Chilis
    Poblano Peppers
    Small, Medium and Large Red Chilis
    Large Green Chilis
    Cayenne Pepper

    I’m leafing through this pretty awesome asian cookbook my sister has right now

  3. lavietoni Says:

    Isabelle, yeah actually the first thing I ever “favorited” on Etsy probably a year ago was this spice kit:

    I’ve wanted one ever since. Maybe at $30 it’s a good deal and I should go for it already..

    Ashley, I’ve used cayenne pepper and poblano peppers, never heard of bird’s eye chilis, and I THINK I’ve only used red chili powder (which to me, makes my food taste like tacos? unless it’s the wrong stuff?). What kind of green chilies, cause I’ve tried out different types. Finger hot chilies give my food have kind of a burning spiciness if I use enough, but not in a yummy, flavorful way.

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