Panini #2

July 30, 2009

…Actually #3. I just didn’t take a picture of #2. I ate a lot of bread today.

Grilled cheese panini

Let’s just ignore the lack of real plates and bowls, shall we? I’ll have some after this weekend!

Ok, so my amazing grilled cheese sandwich is made exactly like this. This recipe is extremely scientific, complex, and gourmet:

Take two slices of fresh bakery bread, I use Publix “White Mountain” bread out of habit, and might prefer something thicker and crustier except that would throw off the balance of my perfect recipe.

Drizzle olive oil on both slices. Kind of a lot.

Sometimes I also spray a couple squirts of this weird garlic juice I bought on a whim in the gift shop of the Columbia Restaurant.

Sprinkle dried herbs pretty heavily on one or both slices. I use this mixture. It was, like, the best Christmas present ever and I’ll need more soon.

If you’re being bad, sprinkle a tiny amount of garlic salt too. I don’t know, I feel like adding salt to this sandwich is very bad.

Tear up three pieces of sliced Gouda (I think I get Sargento) and arrange the cheese so that it fits perfectly on the bread, leaving no space uncovered.

Stick the two slices of bread together, sprinkle pepper and a few more dried herbs on top, and grill ’em on the panini press (or in a toaster oven…or regular oven?) until golden; this should definitely be cooked and crispy and the cheese should be a blob of goodness.

While it’s toasting, heat up a can of Campbell’s Select Harvest “Harvest Tomato with Basil” soup. It’s apparently fairly healthy and natural. Maybe sprinkle some pepper and herbs on the soup, since it feels important.

Tear your freshly toasted, melty, cheesy sandwich into little pieces and dunk it in the Campbell’s. Let a few pieces sit in there for a while, absorbing the soup.

Thank me for this glorious recipe.

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