Living Room

July 27, 2009

I posted a ton of house pictures on Flickr, and am just going to do some of each room here.

I’ve already shown a lot of my living room, but here it is more completed. I want to change out the rug with something less busy (I was thinking soft and gray?), but dag area rugs are expensive.

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7 Responses to “Living Room”

  1. sara Says:

    i love your house, toni! what color blue is that? we are moving and thinking about doing our bedroom in blue.

  2. dailydolloutfit Says:

    I want to change out the rug with something less busy (I was thinking soft and gray?)

    How about this:
    (Sorry couldn’t help myself)


  3. lavietoni Says:

    Hey Sara! I didn’t know about your Lady Brains blog, cool :) Thanks, the blue is Laura Ashley Sky Blue #5:

    I can’t believe I remember that. I’m really bad with paint colors, I just grab ’em kind of randomly.

    Isabelle–perfect! Haha. That really made me laugh out loud. Can I get 10 of those? It might be enough.

  4. squaresquiggle Says:

    i absolutely LOVE your apartment. I am so jealous. I have been scouring the thrift stores for months now, but I just don’t have an eye like you! Its so awesome!

  5. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks! But I think your new place is going to look awesome! I (probably spend too much time) checking out design blogs for ideas, and searching Craigslist using different keywords. Craigslist is kind of tedious and mind-numbing at times, but also fun haha.

  6. quay Says:

    Does the blue look darker without all the natural light? I love that color but I only have a sliding window and it might not look so bright. Thanks! BTW, love the couch too!

  7. lavietoni Says:


    Thanks! I do think the blue looks brighter with the natural light. I know there are several other shades of the Laura Ashley Sky Blue that were lighter versions, so one of those might work better for a darker space, depending on what you’re going for.

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