I Have Internet!

July 16, 2009

As the above title implies, I’ve been without internet for days here in Gainesville but am no longer. We moved most of our stuff here from Tampa in two trips during the past weekend. It’s been…an adventure. I get really easily stressed and whine a lot, but things are shaping up. I’m not taking too many pictures right now because I’m kind of tired of “in progress” photographs. Of course this place will be in progress for some time, but at least I’d like to get fully unpacked.

Here’s a relatively finished corner for now. We got the bookshelf through Craigslist the other day, and it is so much better than the bulky white bookcases we also, not so coincidentally, sold on Craigslist the other day.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Dining Room

Dining Room

Let me back up and give a recap of the crazy past few days.

On Friday my sister visited so she and I could go see RENT with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal! The play was great, probably funnier than I’d ever seen it. I was also sitting in *row A* (which I found out is not quite as good as row AA, but whatever). Shannon and I hung around for autographs, and after waiting in the wrong place for 15 minutes, we scrambled over to the crowd and I was able to slip right into a spot near Anthony Rapp.

Ok, I was obsessed with RENT as a child, and always particularly loved his character, Mark. I grew up listening to him on the soundtrack, but I’d never seen him live since I’ve only seen RENT off-Broadway. And then, Friday night, there he was, standing in front of me. I could have asked him to sign the program I’ve had for over 10 years, but instead, I stuck out this photograph of myself, blurting out, “This is a picture of me seeing RENT for the first time, in like, ’95.” Is it weird that I wanted him to sign this? I think it’s funny that I looked like this:


Anyway, I did not see RENT in 1995. I’ve never said that before. It just came out of my mouth because I was excited and flustered. Anthony Rapp smirks and says, “Well, couldn’t have been ’95. Must have been ’96.” A man standing next to me shouts, “She saw RENT before it came out!” And then people make jokes for a few more minutes. So that was my glorious, long-awaited meeting with Anthony Rapp. Actually Shannon and I were kind of cracking up, it was so stupid.

On Saturday, I had a photo class field trip in the morning, which entailed walking all over Tampa for two hours (I’ll post pictures), and then I came home and immediately began packing and loading up cars for moving, which is all I did for the next few days. Somehow I don’t have much steam to continue with the boring details. I’m moving. You know what that’s like.

2 Responses to “I Have Internet!”

  1. Thanks for yet another great post. Keep up the great info, i have become a great fan of your blog.

  2. […] summer of 2009 was a creative time for me because I was moving, which meant months of thrifting (and scouring Craigslist) and dreaming up decorating […]

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