An Epic Day in Gville

July 5, 2009

I’m more excited than ever to move. To be able to walk to downtown in a matter of minutes (and to be able to bring my dog to nearly any establishment) is so freaking awesome. I am such a child of suburban sprawl, I’ve never known anything else. And I just think the town is so charming.

Here are a ton of pictures. I’m always documenting changes to the house, but there’s still a lot of crap lying around, there are a million touches to come (shelves, curtains, rugs…), and two of the rooms have really not been dealt with at all. So that’s my qualifier before I post these. I also have photos I took around town, including the amazing tapas I had last night. Here goes.

We have a lot more to put on the wall.

This is to show the two art prints we hung in that corner–two pictures of classical chairs I thrifted the other day. I wasn’t able to take very good photos of them though.

Just some of the books that still need to be put away.

Onto the kitchen. I really, really, really can’t wait to put up cafe-style curtains made from the fabric I bought on Etsy. I think they’re going to “make” the kitchen. We also have a little cupboard with windowed doors we’re going to have on the wall, and I have a ton more decorative kitchen items that will go up then.

Pretend there are jars on that shelf. And stuff hanging from the rack. (We also kind of forgot about centering, woops).

Got this at a garage sale last weekend, I am so in love.

This mirror has been sitting on the bedroom floor for weeks.

But now it’s attached to my dresser, yay!

Green wall.

We hung lights on the front porch. I’m showing off one of my favorite dresses, but also probably whining that the bike is too short, my legs are really white, who knows. Yeah, the bike my mom got me from a garage sale is painfully small. I’m going to try to raise the handlebars, but I have a bad back and I’m pretty sure I need something more like a cruiser (except not a cruiser, since they’re not good for riding long distances. Maybe a hybrid? Any suggestions?).

There we go.

Whose legs are whose?

Aaand we’re off to the awesome restaurant where we gorged ourselves like royalty. This isn’t even close to all the food, I just got shy about taking pictures at the restaurant.

Notice the rice and beans in the background? I never knew rice and beans could be so incredibly flavorful.

Spinach and ricotta-filled artichokes, I think?

OMG warm Brie covered in mango, with toast. Brie is one of my favorite foods in the world.

One of two different types of fried plantains we had.

Grilled veggies.

Now we walk around town for a while, hopefully burning some of the 10,000 calories.



Sharkage. Ok, I’m done.

Alas, we’d left Herman at home, so we went home to rescue him.

Scary, right?? He’s actually some kind of bad gremlin.

And back out, this time to watch a band sing songs about the USA. My favorite was about Kansas City. Love you, KC.

And so began the sleepy walk home…

I hope you enjoyed this epic journey! Actually shot some black and white film pictures too, like I really need more from this weekend. But they’ll be up soon enough, assuming the roll turns out.

4 Responses to “An Epic Day in Gville”

  1. littleannabella Says:

    You really are making making a wonderful home for you both. I am only just getting round to adding the homely touches to my apartment and we have lived here since October, My partner is learning to drive now so i think i’m going to hit up craigslist VERY soon. You have done so well considering you haven’t even moved in yet, I’m impressed! (If ever you come to England you should come and see to our home, you have a real talent.)

    Great pictures too, the tapas actually made my mouth water Brie is my favourite too.

  2. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks so much! I’m actually listing stuff on Craigslist right now for the first time too :)

    If I ever come to England…well, you’ll know well in advance because I’ll be so freaking excited.

  3. Jeff Balogh Says:

    I don’t what you’re considering long distances, but these bikes are pretty sweet:

    And please let me know when you can come decorate my life.

  4. lavietoni Says:

    I’m not really talking long-distance, just a few miles. My cruiser was never really good for biking to school. I like the Biria bikes–now I just have to wait for fall $$$ to roll in :)

    And please let me know when I can come to San Fran and decorate your life!

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