Happy 4th of July :)

July 4, 2009

I have fond childhood memories of this day throughout the years, including making a pie with my mom to look like an American flag when I was a kid in Georgia, painting my nails red, white, and blue at my grandmother’s house in Virginia, and watching fireworks from a boat on a little lake in Michigan.

I’m going to spend this day in Gainesville, hopefully beginning to decorate the new house a bit, hang wall art, etc. What I’m most excited about is spending the night there for the first time. We’re just taking a blow-up mattress for the evening, but we’re going to explore town on our bikes and hopefully find something fun to do tonight, which I don’t think will be hard. The Tampa apartment is a very unsettling place to be right now, with half our things in boxes, stuff strewn all over, even most of our lighting is gone and everything is kind of dark and cave-like. We’re also eating off paper plates, if that’s any sign of our current situation. I am itching to get out of here, and I think today will be perfect.

If I were in Orlando/Winter Park and hadn’t just bought a bunch of furniture, I would TOTALLY take this seller up on arranging a combo deal for the whole set of stuff (which can also be bought individually). I like the furniture and the prices.

Cabinet/Sideboard – $25

TWO-piece dresser set – $75

Bookcase – $50

Coffee table – $40
(Pics aren’t great on this one)

Record table (minus adorable kitty)- $30

Small bookcase – $30

There ya go. Now I’ve got to get ready for my trip!

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