Let Me Eat Cake. Please?

July 1, 2009

Tonight I baked a cake from Sarah Magid’s beautiful cookbook. Of course, I improvised heavily, seeing as how I never plan ahead and inevitably lack the correct ingredients when I decide to follow any recipe. I also don’t have any sort of electronic mixer; actually, not even so much as a proper spatula, so that makes things…interesting. I basically do everything with spoons. All in all, the cake seems to have turned out decently though.

Unfortunately I ruined (really ruined) my attempt at icing. I’ll wait until tomorrow to try again. Instead, I spent the eve playing with some marzipan–sans rolling pin, cookie cutter, or any other helpful tool. A pig and a hippo seemed easy enough to roll with my own damn hands.

You know, my pitiful kitchen has me daydreaming of my friend’s recent bridal shower, where she received the most glorious cooking gadgets and gizmos a person could hope for. Too bad similar gift-giving traditions don’t exist when a couple decides to move in together. Or when a person graduates college. Or gets their first post-student-housing apartment. Or simply wants to learn how to cook.

My, this post has been disproportionately long in relation to the silly snapshot it accompanies. Consider this a teaser: Tomorrow you (might) see a whole cake.

2 Responses to “Let Me Eat Cake. Please?”

  1. GiLa Says:

    You could always throw a “house-warming” party. That’s perfectly acceptable, even when you are renting, and your friends would be happy to bring you some kitchen gadgets! Btw, the hippos are so sweet!

  2. […] note: I didn't actually use the Organic and Chic cookbook, I just love the cover. I've written aboutit before, but the pictures in this book are my dream cakes. Of course, it could partially be the fact […]

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