Let Me Eat Cake, Part 2: In Which There is Cake.

July 1, 2009

I gave up. I ruined my vanilla buttercream frosting for a second time in two days. At first I planned on blaming the recipe, but I couldn’t, in good consciousness, after coming across this helpful video of Sarah Magid demonstrating how to make the exact same frosting I was attempting, minus the espresso (via Design*Sponge).

And then I realized: I need that electric mixer. A simple, inexpensive, hand-held one. It’s all about whipping up the butter, which I’m no good at doing with a simple wooden spoon.

Anyway, we ate the dang cake with no frosting. Sliced some strawberries and topped it with whipped cream and called it strawberry shortcake.

And it wasn’t half bad! Nothing fancy, no layers or anything, but this may be the first cake I’ve made from scratch in my life, unless I’m forgetting some obscure childhood experience. Dare I say I feel a tiny bit…proud?


4 Responses to “Let Me Eat Cake, Part 2: In Which There is Cake.”

  1. belle Says:

    You don’t need frosting, that cake looks delicious as is!
    And yes, unfortunately for most good fluffy frostings, a mixer is necessary (those handeld ones are pretty cheap and do the job just fine!)

  2. I think you must explain the little green hippo character in the last photo. Frozen treat made with a play-dough mold?

  3. lavietoni Says:

    I wrote about it in my previous post! :) Just goofing off with marzipan the night before, I wouldn’t call it a frozen treat though…don’t think it tasted very good. I know I didn’t take a bite.

  4. […] I didn't actually use the Organic and Chic cookbook, I just love the cover. I've written aboutit before, but the pictures in this book are my dream cakes. Of course, it could partially be the fact that […]

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