A Craigslist Compilation

June 20, 2009

This stuff is available on Craigslist right now, in various Floridian cities to which I have pretty easy access (between my family, Patrick’s family, his best friends, and our Tampa and Gainesville homes). Excluding South Florida, you really have to browse through a lot of crap to find anything good. Some of these items are just fun to look at, some of them I really, really want. There’s quite a bit more cool furniture listed that I’m not posting, because I didn’t want to get too repetitive.

First and foremost is this baby. How is it only $60? How? These things go on Ebay for SO MUCH MORE. I don’t have room for it, but I want to just…put it in storage for “some day.” I love, love, love it.

Now for a bunch of chairs:







Here’s some other stuff:

$30 for both

$40 for table and chairs

$65 for both

$200 for the set

The next two are part of a larger bedroom set that’s $450 altogether (it includes at least one other piece). Might I add that the dresser/mirror I bought is nearly identical and cost $40, so I don’t think this is much of a bargain. I guess it’s convenient to buy a room’s worth of furniture as a set though.

Another set:


This is expensive too, but I love it:


Aaand this costs the most of all. Cool though:


That’s all for now, but maybe I’ll start doing this more often to help organize of my new Craigslist addiction.

4 Responses to “A Craigslist Compilation”

  1. littleannabella Says:

    Oh i understand your addiction, there’s so much stuff i look at on craigslist but our place is wayyyyy toooo small. Also neither of us drive yet so we dont fancy carrying furniture all over the city =)

    I think you have some good finds so far, i look forward to your updates. The new house is such a good clean canvas too, i’m very envious.

  2. Priscilla Says:

    WHEN I get my own apartment, would you like to “help” us find things to furnish it with? By “help” I don’t know what that means. But here’s a link to the crap we like: http://www.etsy.com/favorite_listings_public.php?user_id=5177302.

    Anyway. I love the crap you find. WANT.

  3. lavietoni Says:

    Thanks, Annabella! I don’t drive either, luckily Patrick does!

    Priscilla–that would make me really happy…anything to feed my addiction. Seriously, keep me posted.

  4. […] did a few Craigslist round-ups back in 2009 (here, here, and here) when I was moving to Gainesville. Now that my lease is a few months away from expiring, I’m […]

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