Blue and Green

June 11, 2009

Another house update (of many to come). Patrick took these.

Blue wall in the daylight, sans painter’s tape. There are a few areas to touch up, but I really (really really) like it.

My new chest of drawers, found on Craigslist! That’s a mirror on the left that will attach to the dresser, and the whole thing was $40.

Aaand sneak peak of a green wall in the bedroom.

3 Responses to “Blue and Green”

  1. cary herold Says:

    Wow, excellent paint jobs! Way to go Patrick! The blue color is happy, happy, and the green is bold and goes great with the blue. I am truly impressed.

  2. […] it’s not sitting on carpet that’s nearly the same color, when it’s in front of my bright blue wall, and when it’s bathed in my glorious Gainesville natural light. It looks orange here, but […]

  3. […] of 2009 was a creative time for me because I was moving, which meant months of thrifting (and scouring Craigslist) and dreaming up decorating […]

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