More Thrifting

June 4, 2009

The “big” item for the day, from Salvation Army–it’s meant to be a record cabinet but we’ll use it as a TV stand (Patrick prefers his records to be out in the open). It could use some cleaning up as well.

Ok, so what we need is furniture, not little decorative items. But when I’m in a thrift store and there is no viable furniture, little things are hard to resist. The picture frame, two framed mirrors, and wooden shelf thing are guinea pigs–I’m painting them all. I know, they’re kinda ugly. The pink chair cushions and white tablecloth are both from IKEA from the other day.

New lamp!

Tomorrow I’m getting a “real” piece of furniture though, via Craigslist.

One Response to “More Thrifting”

  1. […] summer of 2009 was a creative time for me because I was moving, which meant months of thrifting (and scouring Craigslist) and dreaming up decorating […]

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