The Pink House

June 2, 2009

My beloved thrifted $15 green chair is no more. I don’t want to go into it because it makes me stupidly sad. Let’s just leave it at…kaput.

But enough about that. Today I went back to my new pink home to officially sign the lease, do some mega cleaning (not sure if the apartment needed it, but it made me feel good), and to unload a tiny amount of furniture–mostly the two IKEA desks Patrick and I bought yesterday. So before we get around to doing anything with it, here’s the place! Empty! I learned the house was built in the 20s as a one story building, much older than I thought (a second floor, the other “apartment” was added later). It was also apparently a parish. I’m glad I have pictures now–my memory has been really fuzzy when trying to visualize the space, which makes it difficult to envision what kind of furniture I want as I scour Craigslist, how we might set it all up, what will fit, how to paint, etc.


Some of the yard

Side of the house

This is after a long day of cleaning. Exhausted.

Entry/living room:

Those rails will be gone; they’re for mounting a flat screen TV, which we don’t have.

Dining area (I don’t know if I’m labeling these areas properly, whatever):

How easy or difficult is it to change light fixtures like this? I actually bought a ceiling lamp at IKEA but don’t know how to install it. By the way, the bulbs in this chandelier flicker to imitate *fire*. Cheesy but a funny surprise when we turned it on.


Cleaning supplies everywhere.


Bedroom. Strangely, no windows:


That’s the IKEA desks, still in boxes.

Random shot. That little table on the left is also new from IKEA.

Bonus shot. It’s blurry, but Herman was freaking out about his reflection. I have no idea why…he sees his reflection every day.

And no need to post the laundry room! Anyway, I love the house, love the neighborhood, love the location, the woman living upstairs seems cool, and now I just need to find some more furniture. Which is fun. We have over a month to slowly move in–our lease here in Tampa is actually not up until sometime in July.

These are from the drive home. It was beautiful, until the rain began.

We picked up Indian on the way home. Now, for once, Patrick is asleep before midnight and I’m about to be. Today was so draining but exciting! I can’t wait to head back Saturday.

8 Responses to “The Pink House”

  1. Sarie Says:

    WOW, Im insanely jealous of your new home! The kitchen and bathroom are amazing, love the bathtub!

  2. Mariana Says:

    The place is gorgeous! I’m not normally a “house” person (I’ve spent 20 of my 25 years in various apartments, so I’ve gotten used to — maybe even love — “compact” living), but this place is so nice, and makes me reconsider my living situation.

    It should be easy to change that light fixture, you just need a ladder and a screwdriver. I would recommend that you turn all the circuits off in the place before you do so to avoid being electrocuted, but it’s just like installing a ceiling fan.

  3. mitzy edith provo Says:

    it’s halley and i just got a wordpress and i am so glad i found yours because everything on here is super gorgeous.

  4. Chantalle Says:

    The blue tiles, the bath tub, the brick, ALL THE WINDOWS! Soooo good.

  5. avandee Says:

    this place is sooo beautiful! wow. i can’t believe that home even exists! it’s pretty well perfect. and the KITCHEN! such good space.

    i can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    oh, and i miss Florida thunderstorms so much. your driving home pictures made me =*) a little.

  6. belle Says:

    BATHTUB! *-*

  7. cary herold Says:


    Wow. It IS gorgeous. And it WILL be fun to decorate! All that space and windows. And I think your kitchen has a great layout, easy to move about — especially around one another — while you’re cooking. (I watch too many cooking shows.) The whole painting idea becomes somewhat daunting looking at all those walls! It’s a good thing you decided on accent walls! You KNOW I like yellow, but the only thing I see I might like to change would be the kitchen yellow. Mind you, it would be a royal pain in the butt, all the cutting-in you’d have to do, but it’s also the one room your landlords might least mind you changing. To my eye, as you enter, you see brick, hardwood floors, the blue tile of the kitchen floor, and that far, kitchen wall. To me, it should be something that goes more smoothly with all those elements: maybe a melon-ish to pick up on the brick, or a slate-gray/slate-blue to go with the brown wood floors & blue tile. (But you can use other decortive items to affect the same type of change.) That will be your challenge: to tie together those fixed aspects with a look that’s all your own. Sounds like fun to me! I’m really happy for you guys, and can’t wait to come visit you. You also know I will help in any way! Just give me a little notice, and I’ll be there on the weekends. Bye for now. Today I go see Donna Shalala at the Eve Awards in town (former Clinton Sec of Health & Human Svcs, current Pres of U of Miami). Bye, honey.

  8. […] The summer of 2009 was a creative time for me because I was moving, which meant months of thrifting (and scouring Craigslist) and dreaming up decorating ideas. […]

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