Thrift Finds and Puppy Love

May 28, 2009

I hit up three thrift stores today, and found quite a bit of stuff. In fact, I received what I consider to be my highest honor: The lady working at the best thrift store said to me, “Someone knows how to shop.”

For the new place, Patrick and I want things to look a little classic and a little eclectic–perhaps even a little cute, a little creepy–and to work with the hardwood floors and fireplaces. If we’re allowed to paint (I don’t know for sure yet) we are definitely going to have a retro robin’s egg blue, light pink, or cheery yellow kitchen so I’m already finding stuff to go with that as well. We may even go for a light pink couch, pulling in the pink of the house’s exterior.

Anyway, here’s some stuff. The bright pink table cloth, pale pink place mats, green cloth napkins, and wooden serving tray are all thrifted. Everything on the table is, except for the candle. I may paint the tray with crackle paint, and Patrick is definitely going to paint the cork board piece, plus add a piece of art to the empty frame.

A quaint hook.

Hippo toothbrush holder I wasn’t originally keen on (Patrick’s choice), but it grew on me. We do love hippos.

Note cards I’ll use as art prints.

Pretty silver box thing.

I love these profiles so much!

Cute little vases, and the girl reminds me of a picture Patrick once drew of me when I was looking haughty.

Intimidating bust Patrick found for our fireplace mantle.

Ok these aren’t thrifted. It’s two of the same reversible place mats from Pier 1 ($5 each), showing both sides. I saw a tutorial on a blog for cutting the seam and turning them into pillowcases, which I may do.

Ta-da! New chair! I don’t know anything about furniture, but I love the color and shape. It was $60, then reduced to $30, and then today furniture was 50% off, so I got it for $15! I think it’ll look good with a neutral or pale pink sofa, and even classier on the hardwood floors. There’s some additional fabric that goes over the arms, but we need to pin it down, right now it just looks sloppy so I left it out of the picture.

The store employee reiterated how clean the chair is, but I need to find out what steps I should take to ensure that that’s really the case. I don’t know what to do other than vacuum and maybe spray some kind of deodorizer? Must do some Googling.

Close up on Patrick’s new thrifted shoes.

Funnily (or sadly?) enough, the landlord for the first place I fell in love with just emailed me asking if I was still interested in the apartment. She scared us off by telling us someone else had beat us to the application, and now it looks like it’s available after all–now that we’ve found another place :( I can’t stop weighing the pros and cons between the two (one is on a nicer street, the other closer to campus; one has a dining room, the other has a yard; one has central air, the other has built-in shelves, etc. etc.). I ought to get over it, though, since I already mailed a check for the first and last month’s rent, plus security and pet deposits, for the pink house. However, we haven’t signed a lease yet…

I must stop this never-ending circular reasoning.

Instead, I’d like to send some love to my baby Herman, who was neutered today. It’s the vet’s policy to have dogs stay overnight after the surgery, so we’re missing him tonight and hoping he’s happy, or at least so drugged up that he doesn’t mind being there. He looked a little sad this morning, like he knew what was coming…

I love you, Herm. Since I know you’re gonna read this blog and all.

4 Responses to “Thrift Finds and Puppy Love”

  1. cary herold Says:

    Wow, you guys really did do a good job. I can see why the gal mentioned it. (Reminds me of the time at Christmas I went to the neighborhood consignment shop and loaded up on red items (turtleneck, blazer, t-shirt w/snowflake, etc.) and the proprietor looked at my choices and said, “Well, you’re all set for the holidays!” — but, unfortunately, with a tone of, “and next year I’m marking UP all my red items!). I like everything you got. The bust is really cool, the chair was a magnificent steal, the lovely profiles, coat-hook, vases, and, yes, even the hippo are individually and collectively very appealing. If you get to paint, remember we have many, many useful painting tools to make it so much easier…believe me, I’ve learned that prepping IS key, so when the time comes we can get you all the stuff you need (ladder and different-sized rollers come to mind). I’m happy for you guys! And give Hermie a big hug and kiss from all of us!Ma-ma’

  2. Priscilla Says:

    Aahhh! I wish you could be my personal shopper. I’d totally compensate you. Gurr. Too bad I don’t have a place of my very own quite yet. All in good time. And congrats! You’re such a pro.

    Maybe you can get Herm some doggie ice cream sandwiches. They have them in the same section as human ice cream sandwiches. There’s labels, but people still buy them, take them home, and realize they’re horrifying error.

    <3 Priscilla.

  3. lavietoni Says:

    Lol Priscilla, that sounds like so much fun! Any excuse to shop more…

    Gotta get Herman some of those ice cream sandwiches. I’m glad you warned me so I never accidentally eat them myself.

  4. […] summer of 2009 was a creative time for me because I was moving, which meant months of thrifting (and scouring Craigslist) and dreaming up decorating […]

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