May 25, 2009

Most likely where I’ll be living in in the fall (on the first floor, which has two bedrooms):

Let’s just say:
Two fire places
Beautiful hardwood floors
Claw foot bathtub
Front porch with swing
Owned by two local artists
Amazing street, walking distance from downtown
And washer/dryer, central air, lovely yard, etc. etc.
Yay! Paperwork’s not signed but everything looks good!

2 Responses to “Pink”

  1. Priscilla Says:

    Aaah! Love it! Most of the houses we saw were hidden and obscured by huge trees, bushes, and shrubs. So secretive! :P

  2. […] May 28, 2009 I hit up three thrift stores today, and found quite a bit of stuff. In fact, I received what I consider to be a great honor: The lady working at the best thrift store said to me, “Someone knows how to shop.” She was also wearing pink and green, the same colors as nearly everything I bought. For the new place, Patrick and I want things to look a little classic and a little eclectic–perhaps even a little cute, a little creepy–and to work with the hardwood floors and fireplaces. If we’re allowed to paint (I don’t know for sure yet) we are definitely going to have a retro robin’s egg blue, light pink, or cheery yellow kitchen so I’m already finding stuff to go with that as well. We may even go for a light pink couch, pulling in the pink of the house’s exterior. […]

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