House Hunting and Environmentalism

May 17, 2009


I’ve been looking at more Gainesville houses online, like the one above, and even sent some emails about checking out a few places in about a week (side note: why are pictures on Craigslist always so crappy?). I’m especially interested in historic houses, or, as one landlord aptly put it, “something with more charm than large complexes and professional management companies.” Bingo. Ideally, that includes hardwood floors, a porch, a decent yard,…and a nice kitchen. I’ve realized if I’m going to stick with all this cookin’, I need to be comfortable in the kitchen I’m doing it in. Our current apartment has very little light since we back right up to woods, and our kitchen has no window. I could ignore it’s small size, but the darkness gets to me. I need a nice cheery space where I can get into my groove.

Today I left C-SPAN on while doing some cleaning (and/or goofing off on the internet), and I found myself halfway listening to Steve Milloy, author of Green Hell, as he bashed environmentalism as part of a dark, totalitarian government agenda in a talk hosted by the Heritage Foundation. I really don’t understand people who are so completely disdainful of concepts like pollution. I am all for healthy debate concerning environmental issues, for example, I like learning about the benefits, limitations, and even myths or exaggerations of the organic movement. But I’m unimpressed when the detractors are simply business-oriented–or when they believe that God gave the earth to humans to do whatever we want with it, such that there is deep resistance to even discussing important issues (like factory farming; God put animals here for us to eat them, never mind how we achieve that end). When my financial aid comes in, I’m ordering several books on ecofeminism–thinking of you, Ali!

One Response to “House Hunting and Environmentalism”

  1. avandee Says:

    :D you’ll have to tell me which you get! i’ve been itching to read more.

    sorry it took me so long to reply – i’ve been working my way backward, since i got behind on blog reading for a while.

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