Townhouse Chicks

May 13, 2009

I went to Orlando for the night, and as is required on any trip to Orlando, I had breakfast at the Townhouse diner in rural Oviedo. It is the quaintest, friendliest restaurant, and in addition to tasty food, it serves my all-time favorite coffee. Plus, chickens roam around outside freely…

I might add that getting to Orlando was a harrowing experience yesterday. Patrick, Herman, and I got trapped in an insane, apocalypse-style, hail storm. We (Herman included; he told me) were sure the windows of the car were going to break, ice was hitting us so hard.

Luckily, I was channeling Xena, Warrior Princess, and could handle anything.

And it’s storming once again, but now I can enjoy it from the safety of my home. Mmm, I feel nice and sleepy. But I can’t stop looking at retro kitchens on Flickr.

One Response to “Townhouse Chicks”

  1. cary herold Says:

    What a pretty top. And back. And hair. And girl.

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