May 9, 2009

So hungry. My food is in the oven now.

To distract myself, perhaps I’ll reminisce about how nice the past few days have been, today in particular: I went garage sale-ing, read Gourmet Magazine on the balcony while eating distinctly un-gourmet but very satisfying (veggie) hot dogs, read some more by the pool (Handmade Nation) before having a refreshing swim, took Herman on several walks, bought a few groceries, prepared dinner, and now I am going to finally watch Wuthering Heights when my food is ready. Tomorrow should be similar, with the exception that we will be going out for breakfast, yum. Yesterday was similar, with the exception that we went out to Acropolis for dinner and watched Hard Target with Van Damme.

These lazy days won’t last long. On Monday I meet with a professor to begin an independent study I’ll be doing throughout the summer. As much as I enjoy things like photography and interior design, deep down I know I will be most satisfied focusing on social problems, and probably with an emphasis on government policy–must be the political science major in me. Since I’m transferring to Gainesville I’ve been looking into UF’s various institutes and programs dedicated to agriculture/food policy, and honestly, there are so many it blows my mind. I think I would really like to pursue a feminist angle of some related issue. I realize how vague that sounds. It’s because I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Alright, I can’t wait any longer. I don’t care if they aren’t crispy and golden yet, I want my potatoes. Blood sugar…dangerously…low…need…carbs..or starch…or something….hgdfgd

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