Stuck, Part II

April 24, 2009

I love cigar boxes and have been wanting to do something creative with them, but I don’t know what. I gave it a try but got stuck. I’m really no good with arts and crafts; it could have something to do with my total lack of patience.

Only about a week left until the semester is over, and if I can get my biggest paper done by Monday, things should be pretty smooth sailing. It’s the work I have to do this weekend that’s scary. Tonight, though, I’m relaxing. My brain doesn’t work on Fridays.

In more important news, which probably is no longer news since I announced it on Facebook days ago, I’m officially transferring to the University of Florida in the fall. Patrick will be doing his PhD there and we were both offered assistantships. I will miss the Women’s Studies Department at USF, but other than that, I hadn’t been in Tampa for long, and the change is for the best. At this point, I’m mostly thinking: Where will we live? I want to rent a house, even a tiny house, so badly, if only so I don’t have to walk Herman around an apartment complex at 4am when he needs to go out. It’s so creepy. But, ok, really I just want a little house because little houses are cute. Like this one, which is available in July:

I “jokingly” showed it to Patrick thinking he’d be completely opposed to the pink, but he didn’t respond too badly…

As a side note, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep my opinions on various matters to myself. I’m also a little sick of writing about home decor, maybe I’ll discuss something more substantial soon. Who knows? My blogging whims are unpredictable. Perhaps I’ll make make a list of things I’d like to do this summer. I’ve been writing summer lists since childhood–they’re better than New Years’ Resolutions.

2 Responses to “Stuck, Part II”

  1. avandee Says:

    congrats! interestingly (maybe), alex berkun is going to law school there in the fall.

    gainesville is beautiful. and the houses are cheap. ;) have you ever been to Paynes Prairie? if not, you haave to go. it’s so beautiful!

  2. […] most importantly, I was both stressed out and optimistic. I officially decided to transfer to the University of Florida and even fantasized about renting a pink house in […]

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