A Splash of Color

April 18, 2009

We have two balconies, which are not particularly exciting…I’m not a fan of the plastic lawn chairs. But I bought some colorful pillows and a little table today for a splash of color for now. Someday we’ll have plants growing again :/ (This is only one balcony, the other I haven’t concerned myself with yet…it’s currently overrun with our recycling).

2 Responses to “A Splash of Color”

  1. cary herold Says:

    i love all this stuff! unfortunately it’s late and i don’t have my glasses on so i can’t see it quite as well as i should, but it can tell it’s all fabulous! i’m so happy you’re finding your inner martha stewart (as a friend of mine would say, lol). also, the thing that drove me here: i just watched a very funny 1935-ish movie called Ruggles of Red Gap. apparantly there are quite a few famous actors in it (it’s a comedy), and i found it extremely endearing (i came in a tad late). Ruggles is the famous actor charles laughton who went on to be the hunchback of notre dame, but i LOVED the actor charles ruggles (don’t ask me why his real name is the same name as the title…) who i guess you could say was the leading man. very funny, good looking, physically funny, etc., as well as the mousy *whatever her name was* who becomes the title-ruggles’ gal…the scene where the two of them meet i had the sound off and her expressions and body language (she was a silent screen star first, turns out) were awesome. maybe you can check it out somehow. anyway, got to run. can’t wait to get my glasses on and see your stuff mo’ betta. which reminds me, i took some decorative items to shannon’s sunday (especially a scarf-drape effect playing off their LIME GREEN walls and BLACK FURNITURE), but i don’t think shanny’s roommate liked it. i did. the room really needed it. they said they’re going for an IKEA look, but i explained that i think of IKEA as cool, urban, sleek, city-fied — and they have the Atlantic and palm trees out their windows! they need to be cool, sleek AND beachy! oh, well. ok, enuff. bye.

  2. […] I cleaned the apartment, decorated the balcony a little bit, and turned to Amelie for bedroom […]

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