April 14, 2009


I like being up early when it means I can make the most of a nice day. Unfortunately, I’m only up early this morning because I have so much school work to do. One of my final papers is actually due this week (tomorrow), when I had assumed–until yesterday–that it would be due, you know, at the end of the semester. That’s what I get for not checking the syllabus.

What a week to have a surprise paper thrown in. I’m also presenting at two conferences, and attending two meetings on campus for various school-related stuff in addition to my usual class load.

The weather is nice though. It has just begun to rain, hard, and with the woods behind us, the apartment is dark but cozy. And now it’s thundering!

*Oh. Patrick has just informed me that the school has been sending him tornado warnings via text message. Good to know…

3 Responses to “Awake”

  1. Occarcobe Says:

    great domain name for blog like this)))

  2. Pydaytwelty Says:

    now in my rss reader)))
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  3. […] most importantly, I was both stressed out and optimistic. I officially decided to transfer to the University of Florida and even fantasized […]

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