Bedroom Upgrade: A To-Do List

April 12, 2009

I suddenly have this incredible urge to revamp the bedroom. Since we may not live here after the summer, we probably won’t do any painting at this point, but I want to get some of my basic ideas down so I don’t forget. (We would have painted when we moved in, but it turned out to be the same week Patrick was starting school and I was starting a new job, so we just never bothered).

1. Get a more modern, graphic print duvet with accompanying throw pillows.
2. Paint the walls a bold, contrasting color.
3. Get rid of my current bulky (childhood) desk and replace it with something more sleek and probably black to go with our black side tables.
4. Repaint the beautiful table (I don’t know if table is the right word) that the TV is on and install knobs/handles where it is currently lacking hardware.
5. Find curtains that are not overwhelming.
6. Put framed art or photograph(s) over bed and move the old-fashioned looking white shelf elsewhere.
7. Paint aforementioned shelf a bright color so that it looks less outdated.
8. Upgrade from plastic hamper to something more durable and pleasing to the eye.
9. Find less bulky lamps for either side of the bed.
10. Oh yeah–we definitely need a bed skirt.


This duvet is on sale at Pottery Barn for very cheap. I just might like it. I was thinking maybe green walls could go with this bedding but I don’t know if that would be insane, overwhelming, or look Christmasy.  But since it’s on sale, it can’t be returned, so I’m waiting until Patrick gets back from Orlando to see what he thinks. He’s back and I just ordered it :)

…I also realized it’s the color scheme in Amelie that is inspiring my visions of red and green. All images except the last one are from here.

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