Walking with Herman

March 27, 2009

5 Responses to “Walking with Herman”

  1. seamurf57 Says:

    So how’s Herman’s halter working out? It looks good. That top picture is incredibly adorable. Did the fudge arrive? I hope it was okay. Like I said, the first batch turned into fudge on the spoon before I could get it out of the bowl and into the pan (it happens), so even though it was lumpy by the time I pressed it into the pan, IT SURE DID TASTE GOOD! I think the 2nd batch was crisper and maybe a tad grainy, but I’d already OD’d at that point and couldn’t take one more bite…

  2. lavietoni Says:

    The halter is a HUGE improvement; no more choking himself when he leaps with excitement. And I can kind of pick him up or pull him with it without it being a problem.

    I got the fudge yesterday! And promptly made myself sick on a sugar overdose, as promised. I will make sure to treat it as a dessert instead of a, *cough*, meal, from now on. Per your note, I gave both Patrick and Hermy kisses AND pats <3

  3. lavietoni Says:

    PS…I like a little grainy.

  4. Tobbi83 Says:

    How did yo come up whith the name Herman for your dog?

    Herman – “the herminator”

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